Friday, September 12, 2008


My darling girl is doing awesome in special pre-k. Everyone loves her. I have titled her Social Therapist because she is so outgoing she is helping the other children. She gets them dancing, she starts games and gets them going.

I am soooo lucky to be her mom. I have always known she is special and not because of her chromosome or her Apraxia but because she has always shined from her heart out, she always brings a smile to the people she comes in contact with.

She got Star Student of the Month at school because she always ready and wanting to help.

I am soooo proud.

Her speech is improving slowly but I do hear some words become more clear. The communications device was denied twice by the insurance. I am contacting people to help me get one for her. The machine costs 8,000.00$ The school may be supplying one for her.

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Princess Abigail said...

Well done Alexia!
You have no idea how much my Mama and I would like to meet you!
Come by and visit me on my blog
I have a deletion in my 11th chromosome too, and I'm sure we have heaps of things in common!
So pleased to hear you are doing so well!
Aged 2, France